At Oregen we love to receive feedback about our courses  – here is a small selection of Testimonials we receive:


“I found the courses I attended informative, yet fun.  Everyone had a pre-course assessment so the level of learning seemed about right for all candidates, yet I think everyone felt okay to progress at their own pace.   All questions were answered informatively for the group. It actually encouraged teamwork as everyone helped everyone else when needed”

Mark – Excel & PowerPoint Courses


“The format of the course made it really easy to follow, it was also 100% practical which gave you the confidence you can follow and complete the exercises.  The pace of the course was good, we were not rushed and the tutor took the time to go over things again if not fully understood, whether that be as a group or individually, we still completed the whole of the course within the planned time.  The tutor made it a very relaxed atmosphere which again gave people confidence to speak up if they didn’t fully understand something….usually me!”

Glenn – Excel Introductory Course


“I found the training to be engaging and extremely useful. The trainer had a great depth of knowledge and experience that she was able to adapt the course to cover any questions and also accommodate the varying experience within the room. She managed to maintain a great energy and flow throughout the day. Also the follow-up documents were great to put our learning into practice”

Sean – PowerPoint Course