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Onsite Microsoft Word Visual Basic Training Courses

Onsite Microsoft Word Visual Basic Training Sessions

If you or your team need on-site Word VBA training courses in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London, our support and specialists can help. We offer Word VBA training courses for versions 2016 / Office 365 but can cater for older versions of the software. We often visit clients across the South East and can to train you at your offices so that all your staff are highly competent and productive on Word VBA.

The Word VBA training courses listed below are our structured 1 day sessions. 

These Word VBA training courses from our Microsoft specialists will revolutionise the way your employees operate, increasing productivity. Please call us on 01892 665353 to get some more information on our MS training courses or send us an email. 

Delegates should have completed and Introductory and Advanced Word course prior to attending. Alternatively they should have a good working knowledge of the advanced features in Word.

  • Recording a Macro
  • Running a Macros
  • Relative references
  • The Developer Ribbon
  • Assigning Macros to buttons
  • Adding Macros to an existing Ribbon
  • Creating a New Tab and Group
  • Correctly use the Project Explorer to locate Class or Standard Modules.
  • Use the Properties Pane to change object properties.
  • Use the Code Window to write your procedures.
  • Understand how to reference the components of the Word application; documents, sentences, words, characters.
  • Browse Word Objects in the Word Object Library.
  • Change aspects of objects by correctly assigning Properties.
  • Manipulate the behaviour of objects by correctly assigning Methods
  • Create a User Form to show information to users.
  • Create a User Form to automatically insert user information into in a document.
  • Use “If Then”, “If Then Else” and “If Then ElseIf” decision structures in your procedures.
  • Use Variables to hold values to be used by the procedure.
  • Use Select Case statements for complex decision structures.
  • Use For…Next…Loops to execute code repeatedly until conditionally stopped.
  • Use On Error statements to control errors in your code.
  • Step through your code to find bugs.
  • Display user messages that respond to user actions.
  • Display user messages to prompt the user for an action e.g. “Yes/No” Message Boxes.
  • Collect user information to which the procedure can respond.
  • Write procedures to respond to the Open and Close events.
  • Use Standard Modules to store standard procedures.
  • Call procedures from Standard Modules.
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Clare ChaffeyClare Chaffey
12:36 09 Jun 21
Great one day course on MS Project. Basic introduction covered all the fundamentals and friendly teacher with a great teaching style. Would highly recommend.
Alexander LowAlexander Low
13:36 08 Jul 19
I went on an Excel Introductory Course provided by Oregen Computer Training Ltd. It was a small group but actually was just what was needed to get through the workshop. There were enough breaks to allow us to absorb the information which was delivered expertly by our Trainer for the day. The surroundings were quiet and well-suited to the course. I learnt an amazing amount which I have started to put into practice in my business in order to organise my statistics to see how the business is doing very month. I would absolutely recommend Oregen to anyone who wants to start or simply update their software knowledge. Well done to Jo Humphrey for organising and to Oregen Computer Training Ltd for hosting this excellent course. Thank you
helen mulhollandhelen mulholland
11:00 04 Jul 19
Thanks to Oregen Computer Training for a great one day basic Excel course for beginners. Great content delivered in calm quiet environment. Ideal for learning. Easy to get to nearby free parking
katherine mottkatherine mott
10:43 29 Oct 18
Thank you to Oregen Computer Training for a successful and informative training session in Introductory and Intermediate Excel training.
Lucio EstibeiroLucio Estibeiro
14:38 28 Jan 18