Microsoft Teams is the new way of communicating with your team by form of chat, sharing & storing files, notes & links as well as video conferencing.  It has surpassed & replaces Skype for Business.



The service integrates with the company’s Office 365 subscription office productivity suite and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

We can offer a Full Day Training on Teams for your staff covering the following:


  • What is Teams?
  • Accessing Teams and the Start Screen


  • Creating a Team
    • Public v Private
    • Join/Favourite a Team
    • Adding/Reordering/Leaving Teams
    • Get link to a Team
    • Creating a Team from an Existing Team
    • Themes
  • Team Management
    • Adding Members/Owners
    • Member/Guest Permissions
    • Profile Management
    • Team picture


  • Creating/Managing/Viewing a Channel
  • Channel Connectors
  • Favourites/Follow
  • Email to Channel
  • Get link to a channel
  • Adding Tabs
    • Adding Uploaded Excel File to a Tab
    • Interacting with Tabbed File


  • Start a Chat
  • Activity threads
  • 1-1 and Group Private chat
  • Message the whole Team
  • Add people to a Chat (inc. Guests)
  • Formatting and Emojis, Mems, Stickers
  • @mention
  • Converting Chats to Meetings
  • Status indicators


  • Conversation Thread
  • Tag a Person, Channel, Team
  • Like a message
  • Saved messages
  • Mark as unread
  • Starting an On-Demand Meeting via Conversations


  • Create a Group
  • Create a Team for an existing group
  • Group conversations vs conversations in Teams
  • Group Calendar
  • Group Planner/Site

Find Content

  • Find Chats, Files, People
  • Feed filter
  • My Activity feed
  • Search Commands

File Storage and Management

  • Uploading Files
  • Sharing files
  • Make the File a tab
  • Real time collaboration


  • Using Video or Phone audio
  • Meetings/Conference Calls
    • Scheduling and Joining Meetings
    • Inviting people to meetings
    • Adding people to meetings
  • Meeting tools – e.g. Recording
  • Share Desktop
  • Teams on Mobile IOS/Android
  • SharePoint/OneNote integration


  • User Account settings
  • Notification settings


  • Integrate Apps – Review available Apps
  • Integrate Bots e.g add Flow & Who Bot
  • Connectors – Facebook/Twitter

Optional Topics

  • Teams and SharePoint
    • Group site vs Team site
    • Team document library
    • Additional SharePoint libraries/lists Pages
  • Teams and Flow

Teams and Flow Integration