Microsoft Excel PowerPivot

On-Site Microsoft Excel PowerPivot Training Course

PowerPivot was introduced in Office 2013 and is a powerful add-in to Excel that gives you the ability to analyse and summarise large/multiple data. This Microsoft® PowerPivot course teaches you how to use PowerPivot to import data from a variety of sources and create powerful Pivot Tables.

Ideally you should be an experienced Excel user and have attended an Excel advanced course. To speak to us about delivering a custom training package, please call us on 01892 665353 or email us.

This course is for experienced users of Excel who want to gain a progress further in managing large amounts of data with PowerPivot.

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Introducing PowerPivot

  • Installing the PowerPivot Add-in
  • Looking at the Data Model window

Importing Data

  • Importing data from multiple sources
  • Creating relationships between tables

Creating PivotTables

  • Creating a PivotTable with PowerPivot
  • Using the Field List
  • PowerPivot and Excel PivotTables compared

Creating a Date Table

  • Grouping Dates in PivotTables
  • Using Year and Month Columns
  • How to use Date filters

Filtering Date with Slicers

  • Using slicers to filter data
  • Using slicers across multiple PivotTables

PivotCharts and Dashboards

  • Using Charts and slicers to create interactive dashboards

Introducing PowerView

  • A brief overview of PowerView

What is DAX?

  • Introducing DAX
  • Using Dax in PowerPivot Tables
  • Creating Calculated Columns and Fields
  • Using DAX to create calculated columns and fields
  • Using popular DAX functions

Advanced DAX Functions

  • Using Advanced DAX Functions including: SumX and ALL Functions

Time Intelligence Functions

  • Finding year to date, month to date and other popular groupings

Using PowerPivot Sets

  • Using a PowerPivot set to get the required data from a PowerPivot PivotTable
Download this course information as a PDF file

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