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MS Office 2013 Upgrade Training

If you or members of staff in your business need on-site MS Office 2013 Upgrade training in Sussex, Kent, Surrey or London, our MS specialists can help. We offer Microsoft Office 2013 Upgrade training courses for clients in Guildford, Croydon, Crawley, Brighton. We would love to help you at your offices so that your staff can fully utilise the new 2013 Microsoft Office and work more productively.

The MS Office Upgrade training courses listed below are our structured 1 day sessions. We also offer bespoke/custom IT training packages for the MS Office 2013 Upgrade in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London. These training courses will revolutionise the way your employees operate. Please call us on 01892 665 353 to get some more information on our MS Office 2013 Upgrade training courses or send us an email.

Office 2013 Upgrade training can be undertaken in Theatre style training sessions for larger groups, or Hands On training sessions for groups of up to six students. Some clients opt for a mix of training styles to meet the diverse needs of their staff.

Key points of Theatre Style and Hands on Training are:

Theatre Style Training

  • More delegates per session
  • Cost effective
  • Shorter timescale
Hands on Training
  • Up to six delegates a session
  • Longer timescale than Theatre Style
  • Less cost effective per head than Theatre Style training
  • More effective for key users than Theatre Style training


Training is broken down into five key modules listed below, and because of the nature of Hands on training the Modules take longer to complete.

Modular Session Theatre Style Training
Hands on Training
Office 2013 Interface 1 ½ hours 2 hours
What’s new in Word 2013 1 ½ hours 2 hours
What’s new in Excel 2013 1 ½ hours 2 hours
What’s new in Outlook 2013 1½ hours 2 hours
What’s new in PowerPoint 2013 1 ½ hours 2 hours

Equipment and Documentation

We can provide all necessary equipment for both Theatre Style training and Hands On training if required. Extensive PDF course notes are provided with in-depth details of the new features available in Office 2013.

Users upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013 experience a big change in the look of the programs on the screen and the arrangement of the commands. The objective of these modular sessions below is to introduce the users to the new interface and demonstrate the new features that can enhance productivity and produce professional looking documents with relative ease.

The Ribbon

  • How to use the Ribbon
  • Using Dialog Box Launchers & Split icons
  • Customising the Ribbon

Quick Access Toolbar

  • Customising the Quick Access toolbar

Contextual Ribbon Tabs

  • Introducing Contextual Ribbon tabs

Backstage View

  • Printing, Options & Previewing documents
  • Saving on SkyDrive
  • Emailing files, creating & editing PDF documents
  • Manage ‘places’ when saving
  • Using Recent Files
  • New Save and Open dialog boxes
  • File Sharing

Compatibility & Converting Files

  • Working with the new File Format
  • Converting your files
  • Working in compatibility mode
  • Saving in different file formats

What’s New in Word?

  • The Word Start-up Screen
  • New Task panes
  • Finding features with the new interface
  • Setting default font and spacing options
  • Track Changes
  • Using the Navigation Pane & Comments area
  • Working with photos
  • Using Building Blocks
  • Headers/Footers, Page No’s
  • Cover Pages
  • Using Mail Merge

What’s New in Excel?

  • New icons to speed you up
  • Using Flash Fill for data entry
  • Quick Analysis
  • Working in Page Layout View
  • Using dynamic Table features and Table styles
  • New PivotTable interface and Slicers
  • Using Sparklines to view trends in data
  • Visualising data with Conditional Formats
  • New Chart interface & Recommended charts

What’s New in Outlook?

  • Outlook 2013 Interface
  • Working with the To-Do Bar to quickly process your messages
  • Working with Conversation view to find message threads
  • New Inbox features
  • Using Inline replies
  • Automating tasks with Quick Steps
  • Using QuickParts for standard paragraphs
  • Using Sneak a Peek to focus on what’s important

What’s New in PowerPoint?

  • Creating a presentation in 2013
  • Using the New Slide Masters
  • Using Wide Screen View
  • Using the Object Formatting Panes
  • Using Sections in a presentation
  • Working with Videos
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