Microsoft PowerPoint Modular Training Workshops

If you or members of staff in your team need on-site Microsoft Powerpoint instructor led training in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London, our MS specialists can help. We offer modular Microsoft Powerpoint training for versions 2003-2013, with 2007, 2010 and 2013 being the most popular. We often visit clients in Guildford, Croydon, Crawley, Brighton and we’d love to help you at your offices so that your staff can fully utilise Powerpoint and improve productivity.

When staff have been using the Microsoft Powerpoint software on a regular basis, they can muddle through to produce a document, but are not always using the features available to them. We have found Modular Training to be very successful. The Microsoft Powerpoint instructor led training courses listed below take form of 1, 1.5 and 2 hour modular sessions with 15 minutes between each. Staff can then return to their desk and immediately put into action what they have learned.

We also offer 1 day structured on-site Powerpoint training in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London, instructor-led online Powerpoint training (UK-Wide) and a bespoke/custom IT training package that will revolutionise the way your employees operate. Please call us on 01323 665 353 to chat through what suits your business or send us an email.

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P1: Bulleted Slides

Duration 1 hour – Introductory Level
  • Creating bulleted lists
  • Graphical Bullets
  • AutoNumbered Bullets
  • Indenting and Tabs
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Selecting & Formatting Text
  • Converting to Smart Art
  • Formatting SmartArt

P2: Charts & Drawing Objects

Duration 1 hour – Introductory Level
  • Creating & Editing Charts
  • Colours, Gridlines, Legends & Titles
  • Working with Drawing Objects
  • Grouping, Ungrouping, Moving, Copying, Deleting, Aligning
  • Creating Diagrams
  • Organisation Charts

P3: Themes, Masters & Templates

Duration 2 hours – Intermediate Level
  • Applying a Theme
  • Creating a Theme
  • Saving a Theme
  • Creating a Custom Layout
  • Changing the Master Slides
  • Fonts & Bullets
  • Placeholders
  • Graphics & Text
  • Watermarks
  • Saving as a Template

P4: Managing your Presentation

Duration 1 hour – Advanced Level
  • Hiding Slides
  • Expanding Slides
  • Adding Comments
  • Creating an Agenda Slide
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Action Buttons using Hyperlinks
  • Custom Shows (A slideshow within a slideshow)

P5: Transitions & Animation

Duration 1 hour – Intermedaite Level
  • Transitions & Timings
  • Custom Animations
  • Animating Charts & Drawings
  • Animating Diagrams
  • Animating Graphics/SmartArt
  • Adding sound to your presentation

P6: Delivering Presentations

Duration 1 hour – Advanced Level
  • Shortcuts to use during the Slide Show
  • Annotating Slides
  • Rehearse the Slide Show
  • Add an audio clip
  • Audio Tools Tab
  • Hide the audio clip icon
  • Using narration in a slide show
  • Record a narration before or during a slide show
  • Record comments on a slide
  • Set the slide timings manually
  • Turn the slide timings off
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