Microsoft Excel Modular Training Workshops

If you or members of staff in your team need an on-site Microsoft Excel workshop in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London, our IT specialists can help. We offer modular Microsoft Excel training for versions 2003-2013, with 2007, 2010 and 2013 being the most popular. We often visit clients in Guildford, Croydon, Crawley, Brighton and we’d love to help you at your offices so that your staff can fully utilise Excel and improve productivity.

When staff have been using the Microsoft Office software on a regular basis, they can muddle through to produce a document, but are not always using the features available to them. We have found Modular Training to be very successful. The Excel workshops/training courses listed below take form of 1, 1.5 and 2 hour modular sessions with 15 minutes between each. Staff can then return to their desk and immediately put into action what they have learned.

We also offer 1 day structured on-site Excel training in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London, instructor-led online excel training (UK-Wide) and a bespoke/custom IT training package that will revolutionise the way your employees operate. Please call us on 01323 665 353 to chat through what suits your business or send us an email.

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E1: Formatting & Printing Worksheets

Duration 1 hour – Introductory Level
  • Clearing Formats Only
  • Formatting Cells – Numbers, Dates, Text
  • Borders & Shading
  • Using Table Formats
  • Printing A Worksheet – Fitting to Page, Page layout view, Headers & Footers
  • Using Page Break Preview
  • Printing an Area of the Worksheet

E2: DataEntry & Basic Formulae

Duration 2 hours- Introductory Level
  • Entering Text, Values and Dates
  • Using AutoFill to copy contents and formats
  • Automatically enter a sequence of dates and/or numbers
  • Building Formulae, Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide
  • Adding up using the Sum Function
  • Using the Min, Max, Average, Count Functions
  • Excel’s order of calculation
  • Absolute & Relative cell referencing

E3: Working with Charts

Duration 1.5 hours – Intermediate Level
  • Creating & Editing Charts
  • Working with Colours, Gridlines, Legends & Titles
  • Adding Text
  • Adding more data to a chart
  • Placing data on a secondary axis
  • Removing data from the chart
  • Adding data from more than one sheet
  • Moving a Chart, Copy a Chart from Excel to Word
  • Changing the Default Chart Type

E4: Multiple Worksheets v Workbooks

Duration 1 hour – Intermediate Level
  • Copying, Deleting, Moving & Naming Sheets
  • Building a Formula across sheets
  • Using Group Mode
  • Building a linking formula across workbooks
  • Editing Links
  • Saving a Workspace

E5: Database/List Management

Duration 1 hour – Intermediate Level
  • Principles of an Excel List
  • Freezing Panes
  • Sorting and Filtering a List
  • Producing Subtotals
  • Formatting as a Table
  • Entering Data in the table
  • Adding Totals to the Table
  • Filtering in a Table

E6: Pivot Tables

Duration 2 hours – Advanced Level
  • Create a PivotTable Report
  • Add/Remove Pivot Table Fields
  • Reorganise the PivotTable
  • Hide Rows and Columns
  • Format the Report
  • Use Layout Options
  • Add/Remove Subtotals
  • Group and Sort Items
  • Use Advanced Data Field Options
  • Use different functions in the Data Area
  • Use the “Show Data As” Option
  • Create Calculated fields within the Pivot Table
  • Using the Report Filter

E7: Advanced Functions

Duration 2 hours – Advanced Level
  • Using Range Names
  • COUNTIF & SUMIF Functions
  • Using IF- Enter data into cells based on the result of a test
  • Using VLOOKUP and MATCH – Find data based on a lookup value
  • Date Functions (TODAY, NOW, WEEKDAY, YEARFRAC)

E8: Working with Large Worksheets

Duration 1 hour – Advanced Level
  • Freezing & Splitting panes
  • Creating Outlines
  • Working with large worksheets
  • Collapsing rows and columns
  • Creating Charts from collapsed data
  • Creating Custom Views
  • Saving views within the workbook
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