On-Site Microsoft Project Training Courses

If you or members of your team need on-site MS Project training courses in Sussex, Kent, Surrey or London, our specialist support can help. We offer MS Project training for versions 2003-2013, with 2007, 2010 and 2013 being the most popular. We often visit clients in Guildford, Croydon, Crawley, Brighton and we’d love to help you at your offices so that your staff can fully utilise Microsoft Project to improve productivity.

The courses listed below are our structured 1 day sessions. We also offer bespoke/custom IT training for MS Project in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London that will revolutionise the way your employees operate. Please call us for specialist support on 01892 665 353 to chat through how we can help or email us.

This 1-2 day course provides practical guidance on how to plan and schedule projects using Microsoft Project. On completion of the course delegates will have acquired the skills needed to create a new project, entering task, resource and cost information; analyse and adjust schedules with date, dependency and resource constrains; customise and print Gantt Chart views and reports plus record and review task progress against the Baseline.

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Project Overview

  • Project Management Concepts
  • The Project Lifecycle
  • The Project Triangle
  • Menus/Tabs & Views
  • Project Options
  • Base Calendar
  • Opening, Closing, Saving a New Project

Customising Views

  • Working with GLOBAL.MPT
  • Designing a Table
  • Designing Views
  • Designing a Filter

Creating a Plan

  • Files Properties and Project Information Form
  • Outlining the Plan
  • Outlining and Entering Task Notes

Printing Charts & Reports

  • Printing Gantt Charts
  • Reports Gallery
  • Printing Task Notes
  • Publishing onto the Internet/Intranet

Resource Management Concepts

  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Aggregation
  • Optimisation

Scheduling with Dates

  • Quick Scheduling
  • Entering Task Duration
  • Entering Date Constraints

Assigning Resources

  • Defining Resources
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Other Scheduling Techniques

Planning Techniques

  • Networks
  • Gantt Charts
  • Critical Path Analysis

Project Costs

  • Costing

Scheduling with Dependencies

  • Entering Dependencies
  • Critical Path Review
  • Create Recurring Task
  • Spilt Task

Updating the Plan

  • Concepts of Progress Reporting
  • Baselining
  • What if Changes
  • Recording Progress

Working with Multiple Projects

  • Sharing Resources
  • Inserting Projects
  • Cross-Project links
This 1 day course demonstrates techniques for managing large, complex projects, particularly linking multiple projects and integrating Microsoft Project with other programs, including spread sheets, databases and email.

Download this course information as a PDF file


  • Using a Built-In Template
  • Creating a Template

Sharing Resources

  • Creating a Resource Pool
  • Updating & Refreshing Resource Pools
  • Closing Files with Shared Resources

Customising a Project

  • Working with the GLOBAL.MPT
  • Custom Views
  • Custom Filters
  • Custom Tables
  • Custom Fields
  • Project Organiser

Multiple Project Management

  • Linking Projects
  • Resources in Linked Projects


  • Running a Macro
  • Recording a Macro
  • Adding a Macro to a Toolbar

Importing and Exporting Data

  • Copying and Pasting Data
  • Linking Data

Resolving Resource Conflicts

  • Assigning Resources
  • Finding Over-Allocations
  • Strategies for Solving Over-Allocations
  • Changing Work Contours

Publishing Project Data to the Internet

  • Import/Export Maps
  • Converting to HTML Format
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