On-Site Microsoft Outlook Training Courses

Microsoft Outlook training in Sussex, Kent, Surrey or London, for members of staff in your business our MS specialists can help. We offer Microsoft Outlook training courses for all versions. We often visit clients in Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey & London.  We’d love to help you at your offices so that your staff can fully utilise Outlook and improve productivity.

The Outlook training courses listed below are our structured 1 day sessions. We also offer bespoke/custom IT training packages for Outlook in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London. These Outlook training courses from our Microsoft specialists will revolutionise the way your employees operate, increasing productivity. Please call us on 01892 665353 to get some more information on our MS training courses or send us an email.

This course covers all the vital basics of Outlook and is suitable for new and existing users who have not received any formal Outlook training.

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The Outlook Window

  • The Folder List
  • Navigation Pane
  • Message Pane
  • Reading Pane
  • The To-Do bar


  • Creating & Sending Messages
  • Addressing Messages
  • The Message Tabs
  • Message Options
  • Formatting Messages
  • Opening Mail
  • Replying to Messages

Viewing Messages

  • Viewing in Groups
  • Conversation View
  • Using Conversation Clean-up
  • Sending Attachments
  • Previewing Attachments
  • Opening Attachments
  • Saving Attachments

Quick Parts

  • Creating a Quick Part Entry
  • Using/Inserting a Quick Part Entry

House Keeping

  • Creating a Folder in your Mailbox
  • Deleting Messages
  • Search Folders
  • Favourites


  • Creating a Contact
  • Flagging a Contact for Follow-up
  • Viewing Contacts
  • Mailing a Contact
  • Creating a Group


  • Making an Appointment
  • Colouring Appointments
  • Calendar Groups
  • Creating a Meeting
  • Inviting attendees to your meeting
  • Scheduling an Event
  • Using Views


  • Creating Tasks
  • Setting-up a Recurring Task
  • Completing Tasks
  • Assigning a Task
  • Sending & Receiving Task Status Updates

Printing in Outlook

  • Print Preview
  • Page Setup
  • Headers & Footers
  • Printing

Automatic Replies

  • Creating an AutoReply
  • For Internal recipients
  • For External recipients
  • Scheduling Out of Office in Advance

Managing Information

  • Using the Instant Search Facility
  • Using Colour Categories
  • Search & Sort by Colour categories
  • Using Task flags
  • Within Calendar, Inbox & To-Do bar

Download this course information as a PDF file


  • Compare Delegate Access, Shared Private Folders and Public Folders
  • Outlook Folder Permissions
  • Set Sharing Permissions for a Folder
  • Opening a Shared Folder
  • Send a Private Folder shortcut in a mail message
  • Placing a Shared Folder in Favorites


  • Sharing the Inbox Folder
  • Setting Permissions
  • Setting Delegate Access
  • Receiving another users mail messages
  • Sending on behalf of another user


  • Creating a mail message template
  • Using a template


  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Sending a calendar by email
  • Creating/Selecting/Deleting a View
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Managing your Free/busy information
  • Creating a New Calendar
  • Viewing Multiple Calendars
  • Setting Permissions


  • Resource Scheduling (Previous Versions)
  • Resource Booking Assistant (2010+)


  • Electronic Business Cards
  • Using Contacts from within Word
  • Mail Merging using Contacts as the Data Source
  • Sorting & Filtering Contacts
  • Mailing a Contact
  • Sharing Contacts


  • Creating Tasks
  • Assigning a Tasks
  • Sending & Receiving Update Status Reports
  • Creating Messages & Meetings from Tasks


  • Archive items manually
  • Setting up Auto Archive
  • Deleting Items Automatically
  • Deleting Expired Mail Messages


  • Use of public folders
  • Ownership/Administration of public folders
  • Setting View Permissions
  • Copying a folder to Public folders
  • Setting Permissions for a workgroup
  • Adding a Public Folder to Favourites


  • Creating an AutoReply
  • For Internal recipients
  • For External recipients
  • Scheduling Out of Office in Advance
  • How rules are applied
  • Turning rules on/off
  • Conditions and Criteria
  • Deleting a Rule


  • Creating a Folder in your Mailbox
  • Mailbox Cleanup
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